What to expect when working with RODIN

Our commitment to a structured approach you can count on. 


1. Introductory Meeting

Your initial consultation will allow you to tell your story, and the lawyers at Rodin to consider your case from a high level. From this point you are presented with a case plan and an indication of first steps.

2. Research and Case Plan

All important facts of your case must be documented and assessed, and together we deem if it is the right case for Rodin to support you on. If yes, we move forward methodically and strategically to build your Case Plan.

3. Initiation of Legal Proceedings

Case-dependent, Rodin will file your case and begin the litigation process.

4. Ongoing Reporting and Updates

We are with you, start to finish. We will keep you abreast of updates, changes, and results along the way. Personal Injury cases typically span anywhere from two to seven years. This is a relationship built on ongoing honest and open communications.

Peace Bridge, Calgary Alberta.

Peace Bridge, Calgary Alberta.